Jerome Dreyfuss

Jerome Dreyfuss, French by origin, is a design genius whose career spans almost fifteen years in the making, recognized by numerous awards. Admired by the stars and women all over the world, Jerome has not been lacking love and recognition for what he does. In 2002 he took the world by storm with his long-awaited handbags collection, in which he ironically christened each bag with a male name, just to prove the point that women prefer their bags to men. Crafted from luxurious materials including super supple leather and in a mouthwatering selection of colors and prints, Jerome Dreyfuss handbags justifiably earned the right to be on the pedestal of some of the most sought-after and obsessed-over bags in the fashion world. Shop for the latest Jerome Dreyfuss handbags at

Jerome Dreyfuss
36 Boulevard de la Bastille Paris, 75012 France
Telephone + 33 1 43 44 48 44
Fax +33 1 43 44 63 27

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