Founded in 1927, during the post-war period in Europe, Aldo Furlanetto realized there was a need in the market for quality and accessible leather bags and accessories for women that are not only affordable but desirable. And so began the family Furla legacy. Always a supporter of creative talent, the company has created initiatives such as Italy’s premier award for Contemporary Art, Premio Furla Per L’Arte and The Furla Talent Hub which supports promising young shoe designers from around the globe, giving them a forum to present their creative vision through products that are produced under the company's brand name. Furla is 100% Made in Italy with a focus on the Furla woman, who wants nothing less than the finest material, contemporary yet timeless design and a uniqueness that exudes luxury. From the Linda to the Twiggy, each collection offers silhouettes and style for all occasions and personalities. For those who prefer unique shapes and innovative styles, there is the Fashion Collection. Small crossbody bags backpacks and totes all designed with the urban lifestyle in mind. Edgy yet elegant designs include the Metropolis while the fun loving Candy Collection is considered the best arm candy around - loved by celebs and fashionistas around the globe. Distinctive details and mixed color patterns are just a sample of the kind of detail to anticipate on styles such as minis, totes and satchels offering up unique and contemporary bags for all distinguishing tastes.

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